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Welcome to Virtual Oil and Gas!

Using the sector map at the top of the page you can access different areas of this working model to see products and processes in action. Each area has a range of leading manufacturer products with comprehensive interactive models and information waiting to explore under every ‘Pin’ (Hot-spot) in the map.

Click the ‘tour’ to take a detailed journey around the FPSO. You’ll find many of the very latest technology products and solutions on the platform, including many functional and display 3D models and videos explaining products, processes, technology and access to real world case studies.

You can download literature, contact suppliers direct, or send questions to the experienced panel of Technical Experts to ask their independent opinion on any product or technology you are looking for, or solution you require. All communication is private and confidential and will only be passed to a supplier with your consent.

If you have any feedback, or would like to see your products featured on VOAG then don’t hesitate to contact us. Here